Mutton and Mead, Sat, Jun 15, 2024

Mutton and Mead

Saturday, June 15, 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm
Franklin County Fairgrounds - Midway Area

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  • WOLGEMUT: Lively Pipes & Thunderous Drums. Early Music for your Modern Mind! Bombastic drums, Bagpipes divine; Sackbuts, Rauschpfeife played so fine, Songs that sing of days of yore, Fiddle's, Flutes and so much more.

  • MISFITS OF AVALON: The ancient and enchanting hammered dulcimer and mandolin, Guitar and vocals. Be delighted by the beautiful and uplifting sounds of traditional contemporary Celtic music.

  • TAVERN SING: The beloved Mutton and Mead Tavern welcomes all to our rollicking Tavern Sing. Lift your glass and sing or clap along.

  • CARAVAN DANCERS: Returning yet again, from the farthest lands of the realm! They showcase performances inspired by music from long ago and far, far away. Live musical accompaniment by Carmine and Friends and Ensemble Davuli whose music ranges from traditional Mideastern to mystical to funky fusion and guaranteed to make you want to move.

  • ROVING SING-A-LONG: Because a single Tavern Sing isn't enough.

  • FAERIE TALES invites Shire children to a storytime gathering with a twist—your children help write their story with the faeries!

  • BIRDS OF PREY: Birds in History. Not only will you be able to see Raptors, Falcons, and Owls up close, but you will also learn what role they played in Medieval Europe, as well as in the beautiful landscapes and ecosystems of “New” England!

  • THE WANDERING WARBLERS: Flitting through the lanes, filling the air with their sweet chirping melodies and songs about love and birds.

  • SKELETON CREW THEATER brings magical and monstrous creatures to life - come meet the Trolls, we’ve heard they have a few surprises for you!

  • GAMES: such as the Mug Slide, the Tower of Doom, and Skittles.

Franklin County Fairgrounds

89 Wisdom Way
Greenfield, MA 01301